What is navigation beacon light ?

June 10, 2021
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    Navigation beacon light is a kind of traffic light installed on some beacons. It gives out the specified light color and flash frequency (the frequency can be 0) at night to reach the specified irradiation Angle and visible distance, guiding ships traveling at night. To determine the position of the ship and to provide the ship with warning of danger, so as to avoid the occurrence of accidents or lost road.

    There are 4 kinds of navigation lights: fixed beacon, light buoy, light boat and lighthouse.

    Fixed lights, light buoys and light boats are beacons used for navigation and warning.

    Lighthouses give discernable signals at sea day and night to locate ships and to warn them of danger.Navigation lights use batteries as power.Small lighthouses already use solar cells, while large ones use derv generators as their main power source.


    Common navigation lights are as follows:

1. Side beacon light

Side beacon lights are set on the side of shoals, rocks, sunken ships or other objects that obstruct navigation close to the channel and mark the lateral limit of the channel.The bays, bays or non-navigable bays are marked in the Banks of the good channels in the water-net region to indicate that ships or cruise ships are in the channels.


2. Left and right navigation beacon lights

Navigation lights on the left and right navigation marks are set at individual river center obstructing navigation objects or bifurcations of the channel in the channel, indicating that there are navigation channels on both sides of the mark.


3. Bridge and culvert beacon light

The navigation light of the bridge culvert is set above the shipping line of the navigation hole on the bridge to guide ships through the bridge hole.